You know you’re a voiceover talent,  when everyone who watched Beyonce’s “Lemonade” is wondering…

whether or not this is a true story about Jay-Z cheating…

or who “Becky with the good hair” is…

but you’re wondering how you can perfect your Beyonce-esque-half-whisper-poetry-read for your next audition/project.

always studying… lol

#voiceacting #iswearthisisresearch #beyoncewiththegoodvoice




So what did I actually think about Beyoncé’s #‎lemonade‬ ?

*clears throat*

Things that watching  lemonade taught me…

  • Every voiceover job will probably now reference this.
  • Confessional albums bring out the voyeur in everyone.
  • I miss Prince.
  • Angryoncé is fun, and I empathize with Emo-oncé, but this hour is long y’all.
  • Has a man ever profited this much from cheating before? Doubtful.

Final Analysis? Delicious!

That cool refreshing drink…
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