With so many apps out there, the launch of a new app needs to generate as much excitement as possible. App Promos have become an essential part of building that excitement, and maintaining it. When showing how your app is unique, it helps to have a voice-over that is just as unique.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to use a voice talent for your app video, I have a few thoughts on why a voice can make the most of those precious promo seconds.

I know I personally have pages (and pages) of apps on my smartphone, and many were recommended to me by friends. I think many of the most effective app trailers have that “recommended by a friend” feeling, and It’s also helpful to have a friendly voice walk you through a demo of how exactly the app works, and what to expect, without being intimidating, or pushy, and making it easy to understand.

Viewers should be intrigued enough to stay tuned in, not annoyed enough to immediately tune out. A voice-over can help the viewer do less work figuring out what your app is all about.

No matter what the approach of the overall promo is (hilarious, inventive, straight sales pitch…), my goal is to always make the app relatable to the viewer.

Here are a few app promos that I’ve worked on.

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Vevo – Watch your favorite music videos in stunning HD


Flightradar24Flight tracker that shows air traffic in real time.


Stash – a innovative way to save and invest.


TopBuzz – The latest trending viral content.


TheLine – Everyday event manager, and social networking app.


eMeals – EMeal Planning and Grocery Shopping List App.


SeatGeek – The smart way to event buy tickets.


SelectaSign – Upload messages to a Times Square billboard from your phone!


Splashflood – Promote music, and discover new talent.


Text Time Machine – A unique cross-platform texting app


European Watch Company – The World’s finest watches available for sale