Education & Training is an ever expanding market for voice over artists, and one of my personal favorites. It can include eLearning platforms, educational apps, interactive technology, or how-to videos, as well as cartoons, games, and music! Education strategies continue to advance, and that means many more exciting voice-over opportunities.

Audiences can be very specific, or extremely diverse, targeting students of all ages, volunteers, employees, or the trainers and teachers themselves. Learning is certainly no longer limited to classrooms. You can now learn in a traditional setting as easily as you can learn from home, or on the go. There are so many options! 

We are all constantly learning new things… at least that’s my own personal goal.

We are definitely in the midst of the information age.

I personally have experience teaching and facilitating workshops with kids, adults, and educators, which makes me comfortable explaining topics at a pace that is understandable, without being condescending, or boring. I know what it’s like stand in a classroom full of kids, while fighting to win over their attention spans. Adults can be a tough crowd too.

My biggest fear is being this guy…

How not to do voiceovers


One of my favorite compliments I got from a young student was that they liked my workshops because I was real, not fake, and they were looking forward to me coming back. I take that as a good sign that I was connecting, and making a positive and effectual impact.

The same approaches that I would use in a classroom give me an advantage when working on an education voice-over. Teachers don’t have to be a stern voice of authority all the time. They can be fun. They can be peers. They don’t even have to be “people” (Sesame Street is the ultimate example of that).

Actually seeing the response to projects I’ve worked on is Amazing – like the kids who get excited to learn math with Zearn, where I get to play young students grades 1-5, and other fun characters… or getting to play a super cute Kangaroo connecting to kids through humor with Learning A-Z‘s Headsprout Reading Comprehension program.

Here are some samples of education & training related projects I have worked on.

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