Health and Fitness is a huge global area of interest, inspiring major lifestyle changes daily.

We know it’s usually easier to hear advice centered around these topics from a caring friend, rather than an impersonal authority figure. Sometimes it’s our own encouraging inner words that push us in a healthier direction. Both are certainly true for me.

Health care providers may also prefer a more personal approach when sharing new information to peers, making complicated information easier to relate to.

I see media outreach reflecting a personal, personable, and relatable approach more and more.

Here are a variety of health & fitness voice over jobs I’ve done

No finger wagging. No nagging. No shaming. No robotic reading of facts.

Instead my aim is empathy and knowledge, while still being conversational.

Are you looking for a health & fitness voice that differs from the authoritative clinical mainstream? No topic is too uncomfortable for me. Yes, Really. Who knew that being able to have these sometimes uncomfortable talks with friends would be a skill I could tap into.

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Spruce – See a dermatologist right from your phone.


Mettis Trainer – Monitor your running with real time audio cues


Gateway Rehab – Addiction Recovery and Self Renewal


Healthcare Support XLDent – Supporting Healthcare Organizations


FTC – Non-surgical treatment for Uterine Fibroids


Ember – Trend Graph


Oto-tip by Clear Ear – For daily ear cleaning


athenahealth – Navigating value based payments in today’s healthcare landscape.


Cancer Research Institute – Immunotherapy & Chemo: What’s the Difference?