Mobile Gaming’s popularity is steadily on the rise, and becoming a part of many players’ daily lives (myself included). While mobile game trailers promote the fun and accessibility of mobile games, you need an equally accessible voice-over that is unique enough to make sure your game stands out from all the rest.

I have a versatile vocal range that allows me to appeal not only to the traditional adult male gaming audience, but also to a youthful playing audience, as well as the adult female audience that seems to dominate the market today.

Word-of-mouth is always the best promotion for mobile games, so a fun and friendly approach is often my goal in highlighting what makes each game awesome, and ultimately helps drive downloads.

It’s also extra fun to promote a game when I’ve worked as a voice talent for the game itself. I love promoting games in character!

No matter what style the trailer is in, telling the game’s story effectively is my overall goal.

Here’s a sample of some mobile game trailers I’ve worked on.

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Animal Jam – Play Wild! – Become your favorite animal in the wild world of Jamaa


Bingo Blitz – The #1 Bingo game on Facebook!


Balloony Land – A puzzle adventure game from Palringo


American Glamour – Online slots game from Caesars Casino *voice talent for the game*


Hollywood Story – Become the star you always wanted to be, from Nanobit Games


Goldilocks Bingo – from Bingo Blitz *voice talent for the game*


Honey Heroes – a unique Bee themed puzzle game from Game Gurus


Cheese Heist – Online slots game from Caesars Casino *voice talent for the game*


Crazy Cast – Compete head to head in an addictive game by Fanatee


Rainbow Saga – an action-packed, side-scrolling, MMORPG from GameSamba


Sweet Devil – Online slots game from Caesars Casino *voice talent for the game*


Bowling King – from PNIX Games/Miniclip *voice talent for game update*


Morble – A match three puzzle game from Moonrise Games