One of my favorite things to do musically is to collaborate with other artists!

I love harmonizing, so background vocals are a natural passion of mine. I am also a karaoke MVP, so I’ve never met a musical genre I didn’t like.

Here are some music projects that feature my vocals, including some awesome collaborations that I am proud to have been a part of!

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I love how having so many talented friends mean endless collaboration possibilities! This live mashup with the super talented Niki Darling was a lot of fun! The awesome NYC backdrop and nature’s wind machine was a bonus 🙂


Here’s a pop music parody honoring the Triple Crown Winner, and Kentucky Derby favorite, American Pharoah, and his cool tail, created for  America’s Best Racing.


Check out my homage to the oh so fabulous Rosemary Clooney’s “Come on-a my house”, on Ryan Silverman‘s Come on Down to my House. It features vintage close harmonies, which is one of my favorite things to sing! I’m a harmony Girl!


I love that technology allows musical collaborations to cross international waters to Holland with ease. Being able to contribute background vocals on several tracks on my meisje Melyndas EP Aftermath was an awesome experience! Check out my subtle background vocals on her moving single Nothing. 


I had a great time providing background vocals for Mark Ronson‘s retro-inspired album Version, especially on this reimagined pop song, with Tiggers (Michael Tighe) on lead vocals. Well, It’s hard to go wrong when you feature The ODB.


Here’s a throwback track from Onda Productions, Deeper Love. Written & produced by Gregg Fine, Michaelangelo L’acqua, and Nocera. I provide the chillaxed vocals.


This is my favorite from Pants Velours Freight Elevator Sessions”. Always fun! Check out more on our youtube channel. Keep up with show dates, and what shenanigans we are up to next, on our facebook page!


This clip is from Non Phixions reunion tour featuring the song Say Goodbye to Yesterday. It’s so awesome to hear an audience overseas singing along to my vocals on the chorus!