There are times when I wish the “Time Turner” from the Harry Potter series was real.

This weekend was one of those times.


My dilemma? Performing in a band, Pants Velour , scheduled as the last band performance of the night, and an early voice over call time the next morning… Not an unusual issue in itself, since many NYCers in bands tend to have 9-5 jobs as well – And my guess is NYC is probably the multitasking capital of the world.

My problem was that show was in D.C., but the call time was in midtown manhattan… DOH!

Well, praise be to 🙌Mega Bus🙌 I was able to make it to both!


An overnight drive was the only time turner I needed.

The adrenaline and the fuel from doing what I love made it work!

Check out my view from the stage…




Making time work when you love what you do!