Hi *waves*, my name is Cenophia  Nophi”  Mitchell,  and I’m a VO Talent based in NYC!

My voice is as unique as my name! When clients describe my voice, most often they say it’s warm, yet effortlessly “cool”, and I am able to bring that warm yet cool factor to a wide range of projects, for a wide range of audiences. I’ve also been described as an overall vocal chameleon…

Some great feedback I received recently said “What lead us to picking Nophi is that her tone fits well for both male and female listeners.”

I think of myself as a – Chameleon of Cool  I can portray the friendly girl next door, an enthusiastic teen, an honest millennial, a savvy mom, an informed expert, an inspired student, a poetic storyteller, a relatable professional, or a caring advocate… and all with an approach that is natural, and believable.

My versatile voice has also been described as:

• Warm, Conversational, and Friendly.
• Genuine and Honest
• Sassy, Strong Attitude, and No Nonsense
• Wry, Sarcastic, and Humorous.
• Sexy, Smooth, Sultry, and Attractive
• Fun, Youthful, Playful, Quirky, and Upbeat (Generation X,Y,Z)
• Authentically Urban, Trendy, and Hip
• Calming, Motivational, Relaxed, and Reassuring
• Confident, Strong, and Knowledgeable
• Thoughtful, Caring, and Concerned
• Sophisticated, and Professional
• Slightly Raspy, and Edgy

My vocal age ranges from child to middle aged adult.

I can play a variety of characters for Animation/Cartoons, Anime, Video Games, Apps, Product Mascots, Educational Programs and Film – Some of my favorite character types to voice include Adventurous Little Boys, Cute Little Girls, Marilyn Monroe type bombshells, Urban girls with Attitude, Perky Cheerleaders, Kid Geeks, Sweet Princesses, Mean Teen Girls, Adventurous Heroines, and Evil Villains… I’m comfortable with child voices, and over the top characters of all ages, as well as realistic characters. I have been told often that I have great comedic timing, and years of acting experience has been invaluable to me in how I approach each voice over project.

As a true native New Yorker, I’m comfortable with various New York dialects (Queens, Long Island, Brooklyn, Bronx, even New Jersey). I am also comfortable with various American Southern dialects, Authentic Urban dialects (keeping up to date with the latest slang). Other accents include Traditional Valley girl, Slight Latin, Slight British, Slight French, Ambiguously Exotic, and I’m fluent in Sarcastic Tones.

Being able to sing also comes in handy! I am also a professional session vocalist with years of experience singing various musical styles, as well as arranging vocals / harmony by ear. Background vocals are my specialty! I’ve explored many musical genres, including performing musical parodies, and jingles. You currently can check me out singing background vocals live with the band Pants Velour (Tommy Boy Entertainment).

My experience includes work in the following areas:

Animation and Cartoons
Commercials (Radio and Television)
Corporate Narration
e-Learning Modules
Film (Characters and Narration)
How to Videos and Troubleshooting Guides
Imaging (Podcast and Radio Imaging)
Mobile Apps and Games
PSAs and Call to Action Spots
Songs and Jingles
Telephony/Voicemail and IVR
Trailers (App Trailers, Game Trailers, and Book Trailers)
Video Games
Web Videos
Whiteboard and Explainer Videos

If you’re looking for a voice that shows versatility, and believability, while keeping it cool, Look no further!