With technology evolving so fast, becoming comfortable with it is essential.

When introducing tech ideas to a new audience, whether the idea is big or small, I think it’s important to have a voice that is relatable, and not intimidating. It also helps to add a little bit of a cool factor whenever possible, because technology is pretty darn cool, and it just keeps getting cooler.

On paper, most would consider me pretty geeky. I’ve worked for years as a Apple  Certified Technician, and I’m no stranger to turning tiny screws, using tech terms, or troubleshooting a customer’s “tech crisis”. Working one on one with customers taught me how to connect with them in a way that can open them up to new concepts, calm their resistance, or make the seemingly complicated look easy. I always keep that experience in mind when approaching technology related voice overs.

Here are some voice overs for tech related projects I have worked on.

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Atlassian Wrecking Ball’s customer story about team and client communication


Tech Trep Academy an online community that fuels kid’s creativity & curiosity


TrackerButtons Pro – Life Tracker


nDiscovery a Threat Detection as a Service from Sage Data Security


Cellfeez – DIY Products


Bio-rad– How Can Sso7d Fusion Technology Help Your PCR?


Cassia Hub– redefine bluetooth connectivity


Teledyne DALSA – The technology, science and people shaping digital imaging.


WitFoo – Making Incident Responders Successful