One of the coolest things about the voiceover industry today is how easy it is to work with people all over the world… literally.

Distance doesn’t matter, time zones barely matter, and as cool as it would be to fly all over the globe for every job, it’s not exactly time efficient, or budget friendly.


Now, I’m totally used to working with people who I may never meet in person. That includes both clients, and fellow voice talent. It’s easy to take that kind of technology for granted, because it’s the standard now, but it’s still pretty amazing. That’s why I love getting to see the final product, when everyone’s work comes together… like producers, writers, artists, animators, musicians, directors, assorted crew, on camera talent, and of course voice talent.

Especially voice talent, because It is perfectly normal to record one part of a project, and never get to hear the person I’m having the conversation with, in a scene with, or talking about how cool that cool thing is with.

That’s exactly why it was hilarious when I recently saw a project I worked on, and noticed that my “husband’s” voice sounded familiar.

Turns out, a friend (Christopher Grant), was cast in the same spot. Neither of us had any idea we booked the same project, so it was definitely a cool surprise.

*Cue animatronic children  singing “It’s a small world”*

You can check out the spot below!

And learn more about Christopher Grant by clicking his name (another cool NYC VO Talent).


It’s a small voiceover world after all!
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